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Case Study: Economic Indicators

When a real estate investment fund was looking to convince Wall Street investors that housing had long been under-built in California while traditional lenders continued to turn away, they turned to MetroIntelligence for the following:

  • County-specific, historical monthly data on building permits, population growth and housing prices dating back to 1990. This data, derived from a variety of sources, was also combined into distinct geographic regions based on 20 different counties in the state.
  • County-specific annual population projections through 2030.
  • Historical quarterly Acquisition, Development and Construction (AD&C) loan availability data from the first quarter of 1993.
  • Historical quarterly Senior Loan Officer Survey data loan availability data from the second quarter of 1990.
  • Historical quarterly Senior Loan Officer Survey loan demand data from the first quarter of 1995.
  • Historical year-end development, construction and land loan balances from FDIC-insured institutions in California and nationally from 1984.
  • Historical quarterly NAHB AD&C loan survey data from the first quarter of 2005.
  • Annual historical Survey of Credit Underwriting Practices for residential construction from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency from 2005.
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