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Business Headlines

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Associated Press
LONDON (AP) -- Prime Minister David Cameron insisted Monday that Britain's shock vote to leave the European Union won't send the economy into a tailspin, even as Standard & Poor's stripped the U.K. of its top credit rating....
U.S. stocks indexes headed toward a sharply lower close in late-afternoon trading Monday, reflecting ongoing investor jitters over the fallout of Britain's vote to leave the European Union....
LONDON (AP) -- Politicians who wanted Britain to leave the European Union were not shy about making promises. They plastered their campaign bus with vows to "take back control" on immigration and boost funding for the beloved National Health Service....
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Silicon Valley's biggest businesses could face tougher regulations following Britain's decision to withdraw from the European Union, and some might have to leave London to attract the best employees....
Wall Street Journal
Fallout from Britain’s vote to break with the European Union cascaded through the boardrooms of the U.K.’s biggest businesses Monday—triggering profit warnings and forcing executives across Europe to rethink investment and hiring plans.
The U.K.’s decision to leave the European Union could cast doubts over Tata Steel’s efforts to sell its businesses in Britain, analysts said.
PepsiCo said it would reintroduce the aspartame-sweetened version of Diet Pepsi in U.S. stores in September, its latest attempt to halt plunging diet cola sales.
Drones already have disrupted aerial photography, replacing cranes, helicopters and planes on film and TV sets. The breadth of industries where they are gaining purchase is striking, and their use is poised to explode.
Skullcandy Inc. said private-equity firm Mill Road Capital Management had taken a nearly 10% stake in the company and made an unsolicited buyout offer.
Standard & Poor's stripped the U.K. of its AAA credit rating on Monday following the shocking Brexit vote to leave the European Union.
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U.S. stocks, European markets and the British pound came under heavy pressure again Monday following the U.K.'s historic vote to leave the European Union.
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Priceline has been one of the hardest hit stocks since the Brexit. Airlines and hotels have also suffered but Priceline generates more than two-thirds of its sales from Europe. So it could get suffer more than other travel companies.
NY Times Business Headlines
Those forces have self-reinforcing, vicious-cycle dimensions that make it a perilous time for the world’s economies.
The poultry producer’s plans to improve conditions for its chickens could force competitors to adopt similar measures.
The British chancellor of the Exchequer and Japan’s prime minister both sought to calm investors, but European and American markets continued their falls.
It’s an uncertain new day for financial professionals in Britain, many of whom see “Brexit” leaving hard-won clout behind.
George Soros, Leon Cooperman and other top investors confidently predicted that Britain would remain in the E.U. Now they’re proceeding with caution.
USA Today Business Headlines
Brexit isn't just a European problem after all. The U.K.'s decision is costing U.S. investors a pretty penny.
Markets trade in risk-off mode as fallout from UK voting to leave the E.U. continues.
The United Kingdom's perfect AAA reputation has taken a big hit. 
Hiring fired Trump aide Lewandowski as CNN pundit is bad move on many levels.
Retirees worried about a cost-of-living adjustment of just 0.2% have a couple of options.
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