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Business Headlines

On this page we've assembled links to stories from national business news sources including the Associated Press, CNN/Money, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and others.

Please let us know if you're aware of other important news sources we should add to this page.

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AP Business Headlines
The Standard & Poor's 500 index delivered its fourth record high in five days Friday, ending with the biggest monthly gain since February....
RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) -- Brazil's formerly high-flying economy, once the darling of emerging markets, has fallen into recession, according to government data released Friday, as a legion of newly minted middle class citizens tightened their belts and halted a credit-driven spending spree....
WASHINGTON (AP) -- U.S. consumer sentiment ticked up in August, driven by greater optimism about jobs, rising incomes, and increasing wealth. Yet the increase largely occurred among higher-income groups....
NEW YORK (AP) -- Is it time to cash out of stocks?...
WASHINGTON (AP) -- U.S. consumer spending fell in July, with a drop in auto purchases accounting for most of the weakness. Income growth also slowed....
Wall Street Journal Headlines
Apple and Google are providing scholarships and developers kits to software coders as young as 13 years old, looking to land whiz kids interested in writing apps for their smartphones and tablet computers.
As summer domestic box office sales fall 15%, movies like "Transformers" and "Spider-Man" can't make up the difference in China and other countries where studios earn much less from DVDs and TV rights.
Abercrombie & Fitch will cease putting its logo on its clothing sold in North America by the spring of 2015, the teen retailer said, responding to customers who have been avoiding such identifiers.
Google's advanced-research lab said it is developing a system of drones to deliver goods. Rival is also testing delivery drones, and Domino's tested delivering pies via drone in 2013.
Companies that sell electricity are desperately trying to find new ways to sell more kilowatts. Enticing Americans to adopt electric cars would give utilities' profits a jolt.
CNNMoney Headlines
Read full story for latest details.
The stocks of two for-profit prison companies shot up in August.
You think the gas near you is getting cheaper? Try filling up in this town.
Read full story for latest details.
Three days after the companies said they were cutting ties, American Airlines and Orbitz came to a new agreement.
NY Times Business Headlines
Under the proposed settlement, hospital claims involving inpatient stays that are now under appeal would be paid at the rate of 68 cents for every dollar billed.

The market gauge had its best month since 2000.

Ronald Burrage, the company’s senior global design director, said the goal was to help people “clearly identify, this is from the Hershey Company.”

Christine Lagarde is facing a criminal investigation in France tied to a political corruption inquiry dating from 2008.

The weakness in spending prompted some economists to lower their forecasts for third-quarter economic growth.

USA Today Business Headlines
Most companies deal with a constant barrage of online attacks
Benchmark index posts best August since 2000.
Stock reached a new 52-week high after the company announced its upcoming event.
The August rally has come with most traders on vacation. What happens after Labor Day?
There's a growing generation gap when it comes to using plastic for purchases under $5.
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