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Residential Real Estate Headlines

On this page we've assembled links to residential real estate stories from national news sources including CNNMoney.com, MSNBC.com, The Wall Street Journal, Inman News and The Washington Post.

Please let us know if you're aware of other important news sources we should add to this page.

To read an entire story, simply click on the link and a new window will open; after reading, hit the back arrow and you'll return to this page to continue scanning headlines.
CNNMoney.com Headlines
Donald Trump sells his 24th floor penthouse at Trump Park Avenue in New York City for $21 million.
The median home price climbed to $236,400 in June, according to the National Association of Realtors. Here's what that will buy you across the United States.
In the market for a new home? Or planning to refinance? Find out what your monthly payment will be.
Living by the water doesn't always have to set you back seven figures.
Read full story for latest details.
MSNBC.com Headlines
WSJ.com Real Estate Headlines
This luxury period-style home on more than 50,000 square feet of land has a national park out the back door and is just a 90-minute drive from Sydney.
From his Pine Island, Fla., home, novelist Randy Wayne White writes amid the mementos of his life as an outdoorsman, adventurer and globe trotter.
Enron, Tyco, WorldCom, Madoff. A look at the mansions built or bought with corporate fraud. (Remember the $6,000 shower curtain?)
Known as “Gemini,” the nearly 16-acre estate south of Palm Beach is one of the highest priced listings in the country
A creative director crafts a San Francisco home dedicated to daring, whimsy and fun.
Inman News Headlines
Our new agents certainly appreciate our robust lead generation systems, desk space and training. But what sealed the deal for each of them might be unexpected. Here is what they said sealed the deal ...
Got an extra $13 million to burn? Why not spend it on this lovely Upper West Side mansion at 337 West 87th Street, New York ...
Can part-time agents continue to compete in a market dominated by consumer demands for instant gratification, information and customer service ...
Real Estate Ally is one of the more simple and down-to-earth revenue management tools available to brokerages. This isn't enterprise software, and it won't take weeks of onboarding or cause you adoption headaches from hesitant agents. Simply start your account, set your goals and go sell property ...
"My brother and I are the third-generation owners of a company that was founded in February 1926 at the peak of the first Florida real estate boom," says Pappas. "We are stewards of our proud past and have a focused vision for our future." ...
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